Walt Disney Concert Hall – Illustration

Hello there,
This time I made this illustration of the Walt Disney Concert Hall designed by Frank Gehry in 2003. Experiencing this building in real life is a great feeling, the titanium facade change the color temperature depending on the time of day and weather.

Walt Disney Concert Hall – Illustration
by Juan Carlos Ramos

For this illustration I experimented with Procreate using a photography as a base and drawing lines in the top of the layers. After that I just painted colors and details with a non-photorealistic palette, I just want to experiment with colors in this moment of my life.

The initial part of this process reminds me of the workflow of some photorealistic artist in painting, some of them projected a picture over the canvas and then they painted on top. The technical skills of these artists is outstanding but sometimes I feel like the photorealism is pointless if there’s no narrative behind it, however, artists like Richard Estes and Ralph Goings, among others, they freeze moments on the history of America so with the pass of the years their work gets more important and interesting transporting the viewer to the past. I will drop a link to a video about this interesting style in painting down below.

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