Modelo Trail to Cheeseboro Canyon

Hello there!

This week I want to share a trip we took with my friends and family to the Cheeseboro trail, in the Malibu mountain area. It is a relatively easy hike, with wide trails and few inclinations, however, we decided to add a little more challenge by making the trail longer, connecting Modelo Trail with Cheeseboro Overlook and Cheeseboro Canyon, making an approximate 6 to 7 miles (10km). Relatively easy for someone young and athletic but a little harder for a computer nerd carrying kids and dogs!!

The trail is very friendly, it is safe for children since there are no steep slopes or wildlife that can endanger them. It is also a dog-friendly trail and they are a great help and company.

Finally, the views are so beautiful and relaxing and it is enjoyed a lot, especially being so close to the city of Los Angeles (45min driving). As always I used this opportunity to shot some landscape photography with a Sony A600 and a 200mm lens, I found this camera a great companion on my hiking trails because it is so light and easy to carry.

So please enjoy the views, share and comment!

The trail

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