Coral Reef – Illustration

Hello there!
After a few weeks of very intense work, I took the time to finish this image.
I have had a great time doing research on new ways of rendering underwater images with different techniques from 3D and particle simulation to digital painting.

This week I want to share this illustration about this mysterious artificial intelligence lurking in a coral reef. In this case, I decided to work strictly on the digital realm, It’s so important for me to challenge myself on every personal project, this way I can experiment with new software, take my time to improve/develop a new skill, or do something just because I love the subject.

About the software, I used Procreate for the Ipad and a little bit of Photoshop at the very end of the process just for color correction and a few effects.

..And yes lots of reference images for fauna and vegetation!

Finally, I want to share a last-minute experiment, there’s a lot of beauty in black and white art. This image was conceived with a happy atmosphere but well, in the end, this is just a reflection of the time we are living.

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