Crazy Robots

Crazy Robot 2.0
Crazy Robot 3.0
Crazy Robot 1.0

Hi there!!
I want to share these crazy robots images. Crazy Robot 1.0 was made using ink on a small sketchbook and later I added some color using procreate on the iPad. I love the design of these robots so I will export these guys to a 3D model, stay tuned for it!

Crazy Robot 2.0 was a really fast sketch on iPad. In this case, I wanted to challenge myself doing the entire work in about 1 hour. The robot was inspired in Freddy Krueger and a Mexican Charro suit for the body with a Pokeball helmet!

Crazy Robot 3.0 is the last one I painted, in this case, I was looking for something more organic with tentacles but I felt that the result was too creepy so I added some funny elements like the forks, salt & pepper, and a nice motor engine dinner!

If you want to see other crazy robots take a look at these pages:

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List of tools for this project:

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