The Mystery

In what mysterious project might he be working on?

For this image, I experimented with a UI design, showing up as a scientist working on a mysterious project. I tried many methods, first a sketch in my notebook, then a sketch in Clip Studio Paint and then I finished the graphic in photoshop. It could be easier to use Illustrator but I’m a Corel Draw guy, Illustrator is on my list of software that I need to learn.

This is the final UI Design. I have to say, UI Design was harder than I imagined, kudos for the artists who work on that endeavor!

Override Material vs Final Render

In addition to the UI experimentation, I used an anamorphic lens in Vray which gives me a beautiful bokeh as a result of the Depth of Field.

The scientist is a 4D model from

Crop Image

I hope you enjoyed this project overview, please stay safe, share and comment!

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