Unchain my soul

Hello there!

This time I want to share another experimental illustration. I started sketching desert dunes, dropping some lines and waiting for inspiration, then the movie Dune came to my mind, so I sketched a group of people with a futuristic look including some sort of devices to navigate through the desert.

Many days later I came back to this sketch and I tried to do a citadel or some kind of structure but nothing worked. However, I was listening to the song “ Unchain my soul “ from the black metal band Dark Funeral and I got the idea of this type of insect punished on chains in the middle of a path across the desert. A funny fact was that my daughter saw the image once I finished and she said that the walkers looked like princesses, so yes, this image is about a group of futuristic princesses walking on the desert and some evil that needs to be on chains!

About the technique, I used a pencil for the sketch, an ink brush for the main drawings, and ink pencils for details. After that, I moved the file to Procreate in order to add colors and effects. Enjoy, share, and comment if you like the concept or give some feedback.

Additionally, I want to share a couple of videos that inspired me to sketch this image, the first one is a trailer of a documentary about the unmade movie Dune from Alejandro Jodorowsky. He made an amazing creative team from H.R. Giger and Moebius to Orson Welles and The Beatles!!

Also, the “ Unchain my soul “ video from Dark Funeral and a link to a Dark Funeral's Box Set including songs of his 25 years of trajectory enjoy!

List of tools for this project:

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