Yulunga Portrait

Hello there! This week I want to share some of my illustration work. I’m working on a series of Robot Portraits. This one was inspired by the song Yulunga of Dead Can Dance, Yulunga means “spirit dance” so I was imagining this robot as a shaman from the desert. However, the beauty of the concept art is the evolution of the ideas, after I did the ink drawing and digitalized the drawing, I started thinking about the color and mood of the final image so the main concept evolves in a submarine scene with this Shaman living underwater.

About the technique, I used ink for the main drawing, and then I moved the work to digital. Usually, I do my digital paintings in Procreate for Ipad but this time I wanted to experiment in Photoshop using my knowledge from the architectural visualization field mixing layers, textures and painting over.

Finally, I did the color correction and grain effects in Camera Raw, a really powerful tool from Photoshop. I really enjoyed the process of this work and I’m planning the next steps of the other portraits. I will use a different technique in the next one.


Stay in safe and stay in touch, please enjoy, share and comment!

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